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Our All Natural Ingredients

All Natural Hair Loss and Baldness Treatment

"With natural ingredients there no are no side effects"


Hair Renew is designed to stop premature hair loss and increase hair growth by supplying your hair follicles with the highest concentration of hair growth herbs available.  Our formula contains a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins that nourish both the hair follicle and the scalp.  Because our ingredients are all natural, there are no side effects.

Following is a list of our 100% herbal ingredients:

Saw Palmetto PictureOur Natural DHT Blockers:
Saw Palmetto and Nettles are our premiere ingredients.  These DHT inhibitors naturally and gently reduce the effects of DHT in regard to hair loss and thinning hair.  This break-through botanical discovery is the best chance compromised hair follicles have to begin growing healthy hair again.

Ingredients that Gently Clean and Nourish the Scalp:

Lemongrass: This herb helps to remove scalp build up and normalizes oil production in the scalp.  It also increases fullness and body to hair.

Horsetail: This herb is excellent for hair.  It's valued for its high levels of amino acids, phytosterols, and silica. It strengthens, conditions, makes hair more resilient, and normalizes oil production of skin and hair so hair follicles won't get clogged by oil and sebum. It also is a natural source of vegetal silica which will help with split ends.  Lastly, it helps to add sheen and elasticity to hair. 

Sage: A purifying, antimicrobial antiseptic and astringent botanical that is a tremendous conditioner for hair.  It not only has an active agent to eliminate hair loss but it strengthens and thickens the current hair shaft as well. 

Rosemary: This herb is a purifying and  antiseptic agent that cleanses the hair follicles of any build up and stimulates the hair root to grow hair.  It also adds sheen to the hair.

Aloe Vera:  The gel found within the leaves of this plant has remarkable properties, including healing, soothing, antibacterial, antiseptic, emollient, and moisturizing qualities.  Studies have shown Aloe Vera enhances cellular regeneration and has remarkable results for both the hair and scalp.

Alpha Hydroxy:  Removes dead skin cells, scalp oil, and hair product residue that combine to form deposits that clog hair follicles. Bacteria thrive under such conditions compromising the scalp's health and ability to produce hair.  Our Alpha Hydroxy is natural and made from honey so it is gentle to the scalp.

 Includes Saw Palmetto and Aloe VeraGreen Tea:   This tea leaf has wonderful properties. It is antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-dandruff.  It is also a good hair conditioner.   It helps to add sheen and elasticity to the hair.   It is rich in minerals and nutrients to nourish the hair follicles as well.

Nettles:  Nettles does more than just reduce DHT.  It is rich in vitamins A and C, and a wide range of minerals including Iodine, Silicon, and Sulfur, all especially good for the hair.  It is a profound source for mucilage and amino acids that the hair follicle requires for proper growth.  It's stimulating qualities also help increase the circulation to the scalp.  Dr. A Vogel, a Swiss herbalist known throughout the world, advocates Nettle for stimulating hair growth.

Ingredients that Stimulate the Hair Follicles:

Capsicum: Promotes good blood flow to the scalp and causes histamine release which stimulates cell division, encouraging new hair growth.  It also is a strong circulatory stimulant for the hair follicles.

Ginger:  Ginger is also a circulatory stimulant for the hair follicles and a stimulant for hair growth.  It is also high in fatty acids. Fatty acids are recommended for hair loss, stunted growth and thinning of hair. 

Ingredients that Condition the Hair:

Hops: Hops contains volatile oil that works as both a highly effectiveAll natural and guaranteed hair conditioner and gives body to the hair.  

Wild Cherry Bark:  Wild Cherry Bark has properties that makes hair smooth, silky, and adds body. 

Our product also contains water, vegetable glycerin, and essentials oils of Bay, Rosemary, and Ylang Ylang.

It is precisely because we use such a wide variety of pure bio-extracts renowned for their hair growing properties that we are able to stand so firmly behind our product.  Because there are no harsh man-made chemicals, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.  

The Details

Today's Testimonials

"I'm a 54 year old who started to lose my hair at 49. After using your product for 3 months, my excessive hair loss stopped. After 4 months, I began to see new hair growth.  I am very happy with Hair Renew's ability to reverse my unsightly problem, thanks.
 - Lee Anne Burns, AK



Success Rate
Our product has successfully treated - over the last 12 years - thousands of women of all races, ages and types of hair.  We have achieved a 120% success rate in restoring women's hair to its original healthy condition.

6 Month Guarantee
If you do not receive any results after using Hair Renew for six months you can have your money refunded in full.


How to Apply: Use once daily.  Safe for all hair types including color treated or permed hair.  Use the spray pump to reach the scalp through wet or dry hair covering the areas where hair is thinning. Gently massage into scalp.  Style your hair as usual.  

Hair Renew is non-greasy and it does not have any odor.  We recommend using an all natural shampoo without sulfates.


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